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What Can the UAE and Butterflies Teach Us About Happiness?

Putting theory into practice There is no such thing as 100% certainty. Even Positive Psychology, which is based in reliable and evidence based research, can’t tell us for certain what will make everyone happy and successful. However, and most importantly, Positive...

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World Kindness Day, 13th November

A kind offer At Positive Psychology Learning we believe in practicing what we teach, (we never preach!) and in celebration of World Kindness Day, 13th November, 2016, we are inviting companies to take advantage of our kind offer. We are offering to deliver a 'Kindness...

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The One Virus You’ll Want to Catch!

It’s bad news when someone in your family or at the office has a cold or tummy upset as there is a good chance that you’ll catch virus too. But what if they could infect you with something that would actually make you feel well rather than ill? What if this something...

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