The Happiest Nation In The World

With the recent appointment of Ohood Al Roumi as the United Arab Emirates’ first Minister of State for Happiness and the policy made by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to become the happiest nation in the world, happiness is... read more

Strengths At Work

Human strengths is an important topic of research and application in the field of positive psychology, and a strengths approach is growing more important in the workplace. A workplace strengths approach is having a positive impact in creating greater success for... read more

Second Wave of Positive Psychology

With his APA President’s Address in 1998, Martin Seligman raised the need to balance the tendency for psychological research to focus on psychopathology, by researching what caused people to flourish and to lead fulfilling lives. As a result, positive psychology was... read more
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