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Positive Psychology: The science of achieving happiness and the foundation for growth and success in every field of life

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International Day of Happiness 2017

The 5th International Day of Happiness 2017 takes place on Monday 20th March and people will be celebrating and looking to spread happiness throughout the world and apply the science of positive psychology. Now we shouldn’t leave it for one day to increase our own...

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Tough Love, Hard Happiness

I’ve no doubt you’ve heard of ‘tough love’, the sort of thing that means you either provide or receive, give or withdraw, something that is needed, rather than wanted. Tough love is always motivated by a positive intention. But what is hard happiness? Do I mean...

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A Description of my Ideal School

My Ideal School The Problem with ‘Gifted and Talented’ It concerned me the first time I heard the phrase in education, ‘gifted and talented’.  As a teacher I am used to identifying the vulnerable groups of children in my class and ensuring my teaching and learning...

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Facilitating Courses – The Power of Two

When it comes to facilitating courses there is nothing like the power of two presenters in the room, as long as they are the right match of course Every course is different, even when it’s the same! Delivering any course is a dynamic experience and every course and...

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