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Positive Psychology: The science of achieving happiness and the foundation for growth and success in every field of life. Our highly respected, accredited Positive Psychology courses, consultancy and coaching is delivered in the UK and Internationally by university Positive Psychology Associate Lecturers, Practitioners and Researchers, Dan Collinson and Lesley Lyle

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7 tips on workplace positivity

A positive workplace is one that thrives and where employees are more easily able to perform at their best. However, in times that are challenging, where the workload never seems to lessen or where stress levels are high, how do we maintain workplace positivity?...

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What is the Definition of Happiness

Happiness is a word that barely needs any explanation as it is used in everyday language from our earliest years onwards. Since we were babies we were taught the definition of happiness through our experience of positive emotions and the word happy that was attached...

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Positive Psychology For New Managers

Recently I was recalling how I first discovered positive psychology and the difference it made in my life. I had just been given a promotion at work and as a new manager, I was now responsible for motivating staff, ensuring that they were happy and also that...

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