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Positive Psychology: The science of achieving happiness and the foundation for growth and success in every field of life

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Why Simply Choosing to be Happy Doesn’t Work!

You have probably heard the adage ‘Happiness is a choice’. Whilst, I believe this to be true (and I’d add, we are also solely responsibility for that happiness) I think it can mislead people into thinking that as long as they choose to be happy, then happiness will...

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Positive Psychology – The Mental Health of Children

A recent poll conducted in the UK, found some startling, concerning and ultimately, saddening discoveries about the mental health issues children are suffering from. Is there something from the field of positive psychology that can be done to improve the mental health...

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Positive Psychology – ‘Sunny Side Up’ Radio CCR

Wow! I’ve just listened to a new radio programme called ‘Sunny Side Up’ on CCR (104.4FM). The programme is a wonderful show around the subject of the science of happiness (positive psychology). It’s a great combination of uplifting music, interesting facts, and chat...

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International Day of Happiness 2017

The 5th International Day of Happiness 2017 takes place on Monday 20th March and people will be celebrating and looking to spread happiness throughout the world and apply the science of positive psychology. Now we shouldn’t leave it for one day to increase our own...

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