About Our Courses

( Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, our classroom based courses are currently suspended. If any of our courses interests you, please contact us and we will get in touch as soon as circumstances change. We now have new online version of our Introduction To Positive Psychology. Click here to find out more) 


We know our courses change lives because your feedback tell us so. We teach the theory of positive psychology as well as how to apply it so will be confident using the evidence-based tools.

We offer short, two-day, courses for those entirely new to Positive Psychology as well as courses that apply positive psychology to the workplace and in education. We run regular open courses as well as courses in house both in the UK and overseas including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Eygpt and South Africa.

Whether you attend one of our open courses or a corporate course we know that it will result in positive change. This may be a positive change that you have planned and perhaps the reason you attend our course, but often positive changes are unexpected, life-changing experiences that occur during the course or in the weeks or months that follow and create ground breaking results for individuals and organisations.

Positive Psychology offers the knowledge and practical skills you need to make a significant and positive difference to your individual wellbeing and your relationships both at work and in your personal life. Positive Psychology explains some of the conscious and unconscious processes that drive our behaviour and brings new knowledge into awareness. For instance, you need to know what makes you truly happy if you want to feel happier but surprisingly, research shows that most people do not fully appreciate what being happy is, or they mistake it for something else.

Our Courses Are FUN!
We want you to enjoy yourself and relax, because that’s when you are at your best. Research shows that people learn more effectively and retain more information when they are having fun. We introduce you to powerful, evidence-based personal development activities to try on your own or in groups that you can continue after the course has ended.

Positive Psychology Will Inspire You!
Once you learn about the exciting science of positive psychology we are sure you will be inspired to try out some of the positive psychology interventions for yourself to see what a positive difference they can make in your personal and professional life.

As part of our own learning experience we have tried all the interventions we describe, so we have a full understanding of the positive impact they have. Like us, once you discover how small changes can result in dramatic and positive effects, you will most likely make some changes in your daily life, which over time will become permanent, unconscious habits.

Positive Psychology Is For Everyone
Our courses present the academic content of Positive Psychology in simple terms. There is no requirement for any qualifications or previous knowledge of psychology or any other subject. We work with business professionals, academics, teenagers, people who are unemployed or retired and deliver our courses in ways that will appeal to everyone.
Why Enrol On A Positive Psychology Course?
You may come on one of our open courses because you have a particular interest in learning about the habits and behaviours that research has shown increase personal happiness and improve relationships. Or you might want to find out more about your strengths so that you can improve your skills at work and improve your communication with others. Or you might want to learn about positive psychology because you want to apply it in a specific way, for instance in a teaching or healthcare environment. Or you might simply want to learn about a subject that is new to you.

Whatever circumstances bring you to attend a Positive Psychology Learning course, you can be confident your needs will be met and you will walk away at the end of course with practical tools that you can use immediately in every part of your life.

Up To Date Material, Internationally Recognised
As Associate Lecturers on the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) course at Bucks New University, we are able to stay in touch with the latest developments and research findings from the field of Positive Psychology and we share these with you.

We gather feedback from our course participants as well as arranging for independent evaluations of our courses so we are able to make constant changes and improvements to meet your needs.

We deliver Positive Psychology Courses accredited by Bucks New University and which are recognised for CDP requirements in the UK and overseas. We have worked with Government Departments including the Prime Minister’s office in UAE, the RAF, NHS Trusts, Universities, Schools and many organisations in the private sector.

We are proud to have as our Associates some of the most respected and well known names from the field of Positive Psychology. Experts who help and support the work that we do and provide their expertise in their areas of speciality.

Please contact us if you have any questions or see further details of our upcoming courses.