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Dan Collinson & Lesley Lyle – Positive Psychology Learning Directors.

Positive Psychology Learning DirectorsDan and Lesley are both MSc Applied Positive Psychology graduates from the first cohort of the MAPP programme at Bucks New University, High Wycombe, UK. Their interest in different aspects of positive psychology (Dan – Strengths, Lesley – Positive Emotions) and research areas (Dan –  Strength based recruitment, Lesley – Positive Ageing) enables them to offer a broad knowledge set across all areas of the science of positive psychology.

Lesley and Dan ensure that they themselves have applied the interventions that they include in their courses and so are able to highlight the positive impact of them from personal experience. They practice what they teach!

They work together as a team delivering positive psychology courses in association with Bucks New University as well as being Associate Lecturers on the Bucks MAPP programme.

In addition to their work with Positive Psychology Learning (PPL),  they are co-founders of ‘The Positive Psychology People’ website (www.thepositivepsychologypeople.com), a non-profit collaboration of individuals from around the world who share, inspire, educate and connect with anyone with an interest in the application of positive psychology in all aspects of personal, professional and community life. Lesley and Dan passionately believe that Positive Psychology should be available to everyone, everywhere, delivered in simple, easy to understand ways that can be practically applied.

Dan and Lesley share in common, a sense of humour, a love of learning and insatiable curiosity.


Dan Collinson BSc (Hons) Mathematics, MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)

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Dan Collinson – Director

Dan has worked for nearly 20 years in the Private (for SMEs, national and multi-national organisations) and Public Sector (working with NHS, central and local government) in roles that have involved consultancy and managing projects and people. He was keen to ensure that his teams had the opportunity to develop themselves, so that they were able to perform at their best, as well as to meet personal and organisational goals. It was this fascination in helping people to be happier and to fulfil their potential that brought him to the field of positive psychology. His work has predominantly been in IT and he has worked in the legal, business travel, financial and consultancy industries.

Throughout his roles, he has been required to coach individuals and run courses. As well as being a certified trainer of NLP and a strengths and resilience coach, Dan is accustomed to designing and implementing courses.

Dan holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from Buckinghamshire New University and was part of the first cohort on the course. Dan centred his research and application on the science of human strengths, goal setting and mindfulness. His current research is looking at implementing a strengths-based recruitment process for disadvantaged young people.


Lesley Lyle DipHE Clinical Hypnosis, Cert (HE), MSc Applied Positive Psychology

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Lesley Lyle – Director

Lesley Lyle is uniquely qualified in positive psychology (MAPP), Clinical Hypnosis (Dip HE),  NLP and laughter therapy. She combines these disciplines in the wellbeing practice she runs in The New Forest and Harley Street, London. More about Lesley’s therapeutic work is available on her personal website.

She has worked in the aviation industry for over twenty five years, involved in recruitment, training, and premier customer service and is employed by British Airways as a Wellbeing and Inclusion Advisor.

Author of the book ‘Laugh Your Way to Happiness’ (Watkins Publishers),  which describes the facilitation of positive emotions through self-induced laughter exercises, she has appeared on BBC TV and radio and written articles for Psychologies, Mind Body Spirit, Watkins and several online magazines. She is a regular guest on Express FM and BBC Radio Solent where she talks about wellbeing.

She is mother of three adult children and two newly-arrived grandchildren and lives with her partner, Iain, in The New Forest.



I have worked with Lesley and Dan for three years, two years as MAPP students and a further year as MAPP graduates. They have consistently shown the highest standards and an ability to communicate positive psychology creatively. They frequently push the edges of the discipline into new territories. I consider them both as ‘thought leaders’ in their work”.

“I was thrilled that Bucks New University chose to enter into a partnership with them for the delivery of positive psychology training in many forms.

“Their courses will be of great benefit for those who are considering the study of positive psychology at an academic level in the future as well as those who wish to receive an overview of the subject. Lesley and Dan’s experience as MAPP students, graduates and associate lecturers on the MAPP programme give them a unique perspective of all aspects of the MSc of Applied Positive Psychology Course“.

– Dr Piers Worth, Co-course Leader, MAPP, Bucks New University