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We are excited that our Associate  Caroline Adams Miller  one of the world’s leading positive psychology experts in the areas of goal setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success research is releasing a new book Getting Grit. Although the book is not yet available to the general public we are thrilled that she has made the first chapter freely available to all Positive Psychology Learning’s subscribers!

Getting Grit highlights the importance of possessing grit in order to thrive.  The book combines some of the latest findings from the field of positive psychology and provides readers with step-by-step evidence-based ways to become grittier one day at a time.

Getting Grit is a much-needed book that will help people develop more confidence, passion, zest and persistence.

Only Positive Psychology Learning subscribers will be able to read the full first Chapter ahead of publication.

To access your free PDF copy of the first chapter of Caroline’s inspirational book, Getting Grit, place your details in the box provided at the bottom of the page. We will keep you updated of future free downloads and other special offers.

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