Caroline Adams Miller


We are delighted to be able to announce Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP as an associate of Positive Psychology Learning. Caroline is a leader in the field of positive psychology, having been named as one of the 10 positive psychology coaches that you need to follow. Caroline is world renowned for her research and work in the areas of grit, goal achievement, success and happiness and has received the Good News Ambassador award from the Good News Network and the George Washington University School of Business Mentoring award for her long service of working with others to accomplish their goals.

Caroline’s work

Caroline has regularly appeared in the media (The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN) and her 2014 TedTalk, “The Moments That Make Champions”, which focused on the subject of grit. In addition, Caroline is a bestselling author with her books including My Name Is Caroline, Positively Caroline, Creating Your Best Life and her next book, Authentic Grit, is already in the pipeline.


Positive Psychology Coaching

Caroline is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and regularly runs masterclasses around Positive Psychology, goal-setting and grit.

The Science of Goal Setting

In this video below, Caroline talks about the science of goal setting and how it has shaped her life, career and research. She discusses the findings from her book, Creating Your Best Life, about how happy people become successful rather than the other way round, as well as informing us that there is a mastery to goal setting. Caroline describes how having goals and a purpose can increase our wellbeing and happiness. She talks about how other areas from the field of positive psychology can contribute to succeeding in your goals. This is a fascinating video where Caroline discusses the research into goal setting and some of the approaches she uses herself.