When it comes to facilitating courses there is nothing like the power of two presenters in the room, as long as they are the right match of course

Every course is different, even when it’s the same!

Delivering any course is a dynamic experience and every course and workshop is different, even if the content is the same. It should be like this because good facilitators are sensitive and responsive to the needs of the group and ensure they meet the needs of the group by delivering information in ways that suit the specific learning styles and requirements of those present.

The Power of Two Presenters

Benefits for the group

1.    Two facilitators mean that there is double the chance that each delegate will form at least one positive relationship with a presenter.

2.    A change of speaker provides variety and is more energising than listening to one person, no matter how engaging they are.

3.    It provides an aid for memory as delegates can remember which presenter talked about which topic.

4.     Two heads are better than one. No-one knows everything but two people double the chances that one of them will know something!

5.    Different people offer different perspectives especially useful when facilitators differ in gender, background and age.


Benefits for the facilitators

1.    They can maximize their strengths and deliver the parts that they do best in their own unique style.

2.    No-one can really multi-task, even if they think they can. While one presenter is talking, the other can gauge the reactions of the audience.

3.    A second facilitator is helpful when there is a problem such as malfunctioning equipment or someone needing individual attention but most importantly they can offer cues and reminders if their co-presenter forgets to mention something important.

4.    How do you know if you’re doing a good job? A fellow facilitator is able to provide valuable feedback to help you improve your performance.

5.    It’s hard to pat your own back! When things go well it’s great to have someone to share that experience with and someone to help tidy up and pack everything away too!

Of course, there may be people who have had a negative experience of co-presenting and I’ve heard stories from people who have felt they were deliberately upstaged, mislead and/or kept in the dark. So, it is important that you work with someone you trust implicitly.

For my part, I have been totally blessed having Dan Collinson as business partner, friend and co-presenter. In many ways our approach to Positive Psychology is different, his specialty is strengths based recruitment and mine more in the field of positive emotions and mindset. Together though, we share a passion for our subject and a desire to spread the word about the science of happiness and positivity. We have been described as the ‘Yin and Yang’ of Positive Psychology and together we can utilise the ‘Power of Two’

Happy course facilitators standing together in the sunshine and smiling

Dan Collinson & Lesley Lyle

‘University accredited positive psychology courses and consultancy, for business, education and self-growth’