Compliments about Positive Psychology Learning

Feedback From Positive Psychology Learning Events

The most useful elements of the course were gratitude, happiness ratio, random acts of kindness, happiness and hope theory. The course was very well run, enjoyable throughout and thought provoking. I think the resilience training would be useful at RAF Cosford.

3 words to describe my experience: Enjoyable, Engaging, Developmental

Trev Down

RAF Cosford

It was good to learn the theories behind happiness and identify my strengths.

3 words to describe my experience: Fantastic, Interactive, Captivating

Michelle Copson

RAF Cosford

It was a relaxed delivery with the integration of games, videos and random exercises which made for a very open and relaxed environment.

3 words to describe my experience: Educational, Fun, Developmental

Natasha Minnikin

Startfit Founder, RAF Cosford

There was good interaction between the attendees and the lecturers and I found it the information was relevant and can be applied on a daily basis.

3 words to describe my experience: Fantastic, Informative, Relevant


UAE Prime Minister's Office

I loved every minute – the music and the exercises. They were very intuitive, responsive, proactive instructors who remembered things I said and referred to them throughout the course which shows that they had listened to me.  I think this course would be excellent for customer service employees

3 words to describe my experience: Laughter, Joy, Excitement


UAE Prime Minister's Office

I enjoyed everything on this course it was really great. The materials and activities were very useful. I thought the activities were very useful because when we practise things the learning stays in our mind forever. I think my colleagues would benefit from this course.

3 words to describe my experience: Joy, Fun, Informative


UAE Prime Minister's Office

It was a great venue and the group size of twelve felt about right. It was great to have two such knowledgeable, enthusiastic, approachable and generous tutors. I liked their interactive style and the videos added depth and understanding. The one to one coaching session was invaluable.

Anna Hatchard


What I liked: meeting like-minded people, the videos and exercises and the themes and structure of the two days. The venue was really nice and I got a lot from learning about strengths.

Pauline Shaw

I really enjoyed the way was presented by Lesley & Dan and I would have been happy for the course to be longer. I particularly enjoyed learning about my strengths.

Zeeba A Marzooqi


I really liked the interaction and application of ideas and themes. I found it useful to learn about the variety of positive interactions. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Sam Thomas

Charity Promoter

The atmosphere was really friendly and Dan and Lesley were so much fun. The group activities helped me to feel at ease and I found the information presented was all very interesting. I felt a great sense of authenticity in the delivery and there was a great energy in the room.

Emilia Welton


I liked how Dan & Lesley made me feel so welcome. The course was very well organised and delivered in a friendly but professional manner.


HR Consultant

It was one of the most remarkable courses that I have attended


Ministry of Health UAE

They used theory and talked of practices, including their own, to illustrate topics. Well worth my time. Why not try them for yourself


Mental Health Lecturer

The course was delivered in an organised, factual, casual, friendly and professional manner



I discovered how to focus on my own happiness, so that I could spread happiness to others


Customer Happiness Officer, GCAA UAE

Lesley and Dan are so fun and I felt there was a sense of authenticity. The information was very interesting and specific



I enjoyed the way Lesley and Dan taught the course. They work perfectly together



The fun activities helped to understand the information easily


Customer Happiness Officer

I liked the interaction and interaction of ideas and themes


Marketing Executive

I particularly like the organisation of the program



I would definitely come to another. Great setting and lovely people


Sales Manager

Delegates’ comments were handled with care and sensitivity



The course tutors are great examples of positivity



Useful to apply in life – gratitude, 3 positive comments per day and 5 acts of kindness. I would have liked longer days. This course is really effective for development and awareness. The 2 days were very engaging.

3 words to describe my experience: Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, Laughter

Brooke Thomas

RAF Cosford

I learned about tools that can be applied realistically in every day life, such as avoiding the negativity bias. Everything was useful and informative with lots of good reading references too. The course was delivered in a very ‘at ease’ style which I enjoyed and related to. A great team! Everyone and anyone would benefit from this course, schools really need to engage with this topic from early years!

3 words to describe my experience: Affirmation, Inspiration, Informative

Nicola Tait

RAF Cosford

The whole course was incredibly enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical exercises and discussions and I’m going to incorporate more gratitude and kindness. The course material was fantastic, superb delivery – a truly fun, informative and effective learning environment. I would recommend this course to anyone/everyone. There is a huge potential to incorporate this into the military.

3 words to describe my experience: Fun, Engaging, Brilliant

Tom Smith

RAF Cosford

I enjoyed all of the course but especially the gratitude and acts of kindness. I didn’t know what to expect and really enjoyed it. The only improvement would have been if it could have been longer. It was excellent and thought provoking. Both instructors are passionate about positive psychology and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

3 words to describe my experience: Gratitude, Positive, Inspiring

Claire Elliston

RAF Cosford

I enjoyed learning about gratitude and the course was resourceful, excellent and engaging. I would recommend this course to friends and colleagues.

3 words to describe my experience: Joyful, Educating, Straightforward


UAE Prime Minister's Office

It was useful to find out about how to elevate happiness levels and I found the course very informative.

3 words to describe my experience: Positive, Energetic, Informative


UAE Prime Minister's Office

I liked the content, venue, variety of activities and the trainers. I enjoyed the topic of strengths.

Sonia Matthews

I enjoyed meeting the other attendees. It was relaxed and fun atmosphere and the two days flew by (always a good sign). Discussions and role play was enjoyable and thought providing. I would definitely recommend this course to others.


The course was well set up and there was a clear description of the content. It was a mixed class with people with a range of backgrounds and experiences. The theory of positive psychology made sense and I enjoyed the games we played.


British Airways

There was a relaxed atmosphere that was friendly and people were able to share their thoughts.  I liked seeing things from a new perspective and I felt a deep empathy from the group. The language wasn’t too science based and I understood everything even though I don’t have a background in psychology.

Julie Oliver

Sports Instructor

We were given a broad spectrum of Positive Psychology which was a good overall introduction. I feel as though strengths is a core subject and the happiness equation re-affirms that it is our choice and responsibility to whether we are happy or not!

Colin Murray

I loved everything about this course – great energy, beautiful venue, interesting topics, good pace and all with a lovely group of people.


Social Worker

I have changed my concept of organisational happiness and the course is beneficial for both individuals and the organisation

Dr Nabila


Everything was wonderful. Each topic had an activity that will enable me to remember the information


Customer Happiness Manager, GCAA UAE

It was a really positive course and it changed my way of thinking and how to see or deal with any situation


The activities, examples and use of videos helped the learning experience


Training Specialist, GCAA UAE

I liked that all of the exercises gave us a new way to think



It helped me to think more about myself and strengths of my personality



What did I like most about the course? The lecturers, attendees and the theory


Business Coach

The pace of the course was very good, we kept moving and learning



I liked the energy, activities and information.  I can see how small changes will make huge differences especially mindset.



I loved how it was run by Dan and Lesley and found it a great course that was very insightful!


Social Worker

I liked identifying emotions and how people see your strengths


Teaching Assistant

It was a very interactive and thought provoking day – an additional day please 🙂 Lesley & Dan were very engaging and they complimented one another perfectly. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

3 words to describe my experience: Fun, Enthusiasm Laughter

Kelly Griffith

RAF Cosford

I enjoyed learning something new – ie. elements of happiness. I would have liked an extra day.The course was very professionally run with lots of knowledge and shared experiences. I would recommend this course to senior management and people who I work with.

3 words to describe my experience: Inspiring, Enjoyable, Educational

Jo Geeson

RAF Cosford

I learned a lot from the active constructive exercise and I found the course to be informal and engaging. I think anybody could benefit from this course and within the military it could benefit service families.

3 words to describe my experience: Happy, Inspiring, Motivating

George Thompson

RAF Cosford

The most useful elements of this course were the topics of growth mindset, different perspectives and catastrophising. I want to keep learning about positive psychology and think all employees would benefit from this course.

3 words to describe my experience: Informative, Energetic, Engaging


UAE Prime Minister's Office

It was a lighthearted approach with a range of activities. No one thing is most useful and there is a chance to apply most things. I would recommend this course to people who are wanting to expand their knowledge and help themselves.

3 words to describe my experience: Enjoyable, Interesting, Fun

Paul Gormley

RAF Cosford

This was a most enjoyable course that showed me how to maintain a positive and happy mood and how to improve it. Thank you for a wonderful and fun time. I will recommend this course to my friend and sister.

3 words to describe my experience: Awe, Love, Happy


UAE Prime Minister's Office

I enjoyed the whole experience of this course – the structure of the workshop, activities, presenters and music! I found everything interesting but what was most helpful was the gratitude section and the tips on improving resilience. In all it was very informative, fun and chilled! I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and family.

3 words to describe my experience: Eye-opening, Enjoyable, Refreshing!


UAE Prime Minister's Office

The topic of resilience and the exercise was particularly useful personally and it was an area that I had not covered in my prior reading. The strengths section was very good as it relates directly to my area of interest to MAPP and beyond.

Lisa Cooper

I like connecting with other like-minded people. The course would be very useful for anyone who was considering doing the Masters course but had no prior knowledge of positive psychology. It was interesting to hear new snippets such as the psychology of luck!


There was a great variety of topics and interest was maintained through the course. I liked the way Dan and Lesley made the material practical and accessible, contextual and relevant. I enjoyed having two trainers who worked so well together.


Trainer, Counsellor

The pace of the course was really good. I liked how we were encouraged to keep moving and changing seats helped the dynamics of the group. I enjoyed great food, great fun, a lot of laughter and learning.

Dottie Woods


This was a good introduction to positive psychology. The course had a relaxed feeling. There was lots of humour and a great group of people.

Neil Wilkie

Chairman Vistage International

A very insightful and positive course


The course was fun and informative and helped to develop happiness in the workplace and my personal life


Trainer, GCAA UAE

The material was very practical, accessible, contextual and relevant. Different perspectives kept it very engaging


Researcher and Director

I am not involved professionally with any aspect of psychology, but I will use it often in my everyday life and in a work context too. The course has reinforced many of my own beliefs/attitudes in how I try to support others


Health Care Worker

I liked the examples about how to change our behaviour to be more positive


Training Manager, GCAA UAE

The relaxed atmosphere and humour allowed me to see things from a new angle



I was made to feel very welcome. There was good interaction between facilitators and delegates. Really enjoyable.



It was the perfect pace, delivery and content



I liked the energy, information and activities



Great course instructors and a fascinating subject. Enjoyed the fun activities


Youth Worker

The group were put at ease, so they felt comfortable to contribute to the discussions


HR Director