Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions about our courses and so we have complied a list of responses to our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us and we will be happy to answer it.

Why are the first 4 places discounted?

Our pricing policy is based on the simple fact that we need a minimum number people to make our course viable and the sooner we have this information the better. So, we offer our first 4 places on really favourable terms so that we can plan in advance and not have to leave things to the last minute. Once we have 4 places booked we are confident that others will book too, if this doesn’t happen then we don’t run the course – simple! In this way we are able to be totally flexible, changing dates and locations to suit you, rather than asking you to fit in with us.

We also restrict the number of places on our course so we can ensure you have an optimum experience, enough people to interact with, but not too many. After the first 4 places are booked we will offer a further reduction for people who book in advance. This is open right up to the month before the course begins but places fill quickly so sometimes we have to close a course for new admissions months before it’s due to start.  The maximum number of delegates varies depending on the venue,  We encourage you to book your place as soon as possible.

Unless stated otherwise, all the ‘Introduction to Positive Psychology’ courses listed for 2017 & 2018, will be run by Positive Psychology Learning Directors and University Associate Lecturers, Dan Collinson MAPP & Lesley Lyle`MAPP.

Delegate Fees and Cancellations

First 4 places – £297 incl.
Cancellation Policy for first 6 discounted places: full fee payable/ no refunds given; however, a substitute delegate can be accepted. (Our standard cancellation policy does not apply). In the event that course is cancelled, delegates will receive a full refund.

Regular price – £650 incl.
Cancellation Policy: our standard cancellation policy applies, as stated on booking form.

Are other discounts available?

Sometimes we are able to offer a discount for students, the unemployed and organisations with budget restrictions such as charities. Please contact us if you think this may apply to you.
We are always offering new subjects for our courses based on the feedback we get from our delegates.


I’d like to do a Positive Psychology Course that isn’t listed

We couldn’t possibly list all the different subject matters that are covered in positive psychology, but we are willing to consider running a new course or repeating one of our previous courses on request.

Please contact us if you are a group or organisation that wish to have your own course. You may be inspired by some of our taster sessions that we regularly run for organisations or our bespoke courses that we offer.


I don’t live near where you run your courses

We regularly run courses in different parts of the country and overseas. We can’t run a course for one person but if you are a group of 6 or more or/and happy for other people to enrol on the course, we will consider running a course wherever you are.


Why can’t I see details of a course I know you are running?

This may be because the course is full and we have decided not to remove it from the website. Or it may be because the course is has been arranged at the request of a company, organisation or individuals who do not wish it to be open to anyone outside of their group.


I don’t live in the UK

Many of the people that follow Positive Psychology Learning live abroad and we run our courses in several other countries and are always willing to consider travelling overseas to run a course as long as we are able to fit it in with our schedule.

From time to time we run online courses that are suitable for those unable to travel. We will keep you informed of the next dates automatically if you have already
registered on the website for news, updates and offers.


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