How To Thrive is a UK charity that specialises in delivering practical resilience training to provide students, teaching staff, parents and carers with evidence-based skills to enable them to overcome adversity more quickly, improve mental health and possess coping strategies for challenging times. They help schools build resilience so they may flourish and be successful

The work of this UK charity is based on evidence-based practices from positive psychology research and years of experience of working with young people and schools. They focus is on delivering courses that are practical and provide participants with skills that are applicable in all areas of life to last a lifetime

They are one of only a few organisations in the UK licensed to deliver the world renowned, Penn Resilience Programme and they teaching staff to deliver the curriculum to students. The programme is designed to build resilience, develop a growth mindset, attain coping skills and gain creative solving abilities for a variety of common social problems.

Other courses offered by How To Thrive are ‘Raising A Resilient Child’ and ‘Mental Illness Investigated’.

Raising A Resilient Child is a 6 week programme that brings research into building resilience, so that parents and carers are equipped with effective ways to increase the resilience of their child.

Mental Illness Investigated is a new curriculum for 14-17 year olds that will raise their awareness of their own mental health as well as the mental health of other people. The course will allow students to maintain mental health, help others to improve their mental health, persevere in challenging times and covers topics such as self-harm, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Positive Psychology Learning are proud to deliver all these programmes for How To Thrive, please contact us for more details.

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