Online Happiness Course


We are pleased to announce that in association with DailyOM we have designed an online course ‘8 Weeks to a Happy You’. The feedback we’ve received from participants so far is overwhelmingly positive.

We are thrilled that we can offer this course at an extremely affordable price (you can even choose how much you would like to pay!) and we hope it means that more people can learn about HOW to become happier in a practical way.

The course consists of 14 lessons which are sent out every 4 days for a period of 8 weeks. Each lesson is intended to provide information about the science of happiness and suggests ways that you can practically apply the theory in actions that you take in your every day life.

Working in this way allows you time to investigate and consider your  own responses and discover what works or doesn’t work for you. As is the case with positive psychology, the approach is non-prescriptive. We simply share with you what has been found to work for most people, most of the time.

Dan and I feel that our course will give you a similar experience to being a student on the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree course, where students study a particular aspect of positive psychology from an interactive perspective. In essence, you will be able to make your own scientific study of what, in this case, will show you what truly makes you happy. As we both found when we investigated our own experiences, often what we predicted was not the case. There is nothing like ‘doing’ to enhance ‘knowing’.

We suggest that our participants track their progress by measuring their positive ratio using the measure created by happiness researcher, Barbara Fredrickson, who kindly gave her permission for us to use her test in this way (Link). This provides a scientific measure of how effective the experience of doing this course is over time and provides a record of one’s progress before, during and after the course.

You can start this course at any time and above all, it is designed to encourage you to have fun and enjoy the process, as well as learn how to increase your general level of happiness.

The link to the course where more information is provided is here (Link)