Our Approach

A learning course, not a training course – experience (is) the difference

Learning theory and research have consistently shown that what we learn through experience results in higher learning gains and retention of information. At Positive Psychology Learning, we share the theory from the science of positive psychology and then use a variety of techniques to facilitate an environment where you can have your own unique experience of what it means to you. In this way you’ll know what each subject matter feels like, as well as understand it from a cognitive perspective. Words are often inadequate to explain concepts and emotions. How difficult would you find it to describe the taste of a strawberry, the coldness of snow, the sound of birdsong, the smell of cut grass, a sunset or the feeling of contentment?  Yet, how simple it is to recognise these things once you’ve experienced them? “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is! ” Yogi Berra.

Tell me and I’ll forget; Show me and I’ll remember; Involve me and I’ll understand

Research shows that a combination of ‘seeing’, ‘doing’ and ‘discussing have been found to be the most popular learning experiences. We recognise that you have your own preferred learning styles and we ensure that we present our course in as many different ways as possible to accommodate this. On our courses we don’t expect you to sit and listen, we want you to talk and actively participate. We acknowledge the experience in the room and value your opinion. We always remember ‘no one of us is as smart as all of us’!

There can be no mastery of Positive Psychology until what is learned is applied.


Frankly, you could read every published positive psychology book and learn the theory in full, but until the principles are applied, they remain theories. We will encourage you to utilise the tenets of positive psychology in all areas of your life; to improve your personal and professional relationships, health and self-development. Then we encourage you to keep in touch and become part of our Positive Psychology Learning community, so you can continue to learn through discussion and shared experiences. We will keep  you informed of new research material and our other courses that we will run in the future. Positive psychology is a way of life and we practice what we teach!

Warning! Our courses may change the course of your life!


As MAPP alumni we never oversimplify the dynamic effect that positive psychology can have in all areas of your life. We’re happy to share the positive changes that positive psychology has made in our lives, which include career changes and new outlooks. However, if you are happy with what you do and where you are and wouldn’t welcome change or improvement of any kind, then this course might not be for you! However, if you are someone who is open-minded, curious, and thirsty for empowering knowledge, then we are excited to welcome you on our courses. Positive psychology is a science, but it’s also a philosophy, way of life and a means to create positive change in all areas of your own life and the lives of others.


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