Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training


( Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, this course is currently suspended. If this course interests you, please contact us and we will get in touch as soon as circumstances change)

Positive Psychology Learning Directors, Dan Collinson and Lesley Lyle deliver this programme on behalf of How to Thrive.

The Penn Resilience Programme was developed by leading researchers in the field of resilience and positive psychology, including Drs Martin Seligman and Karen Reivich and provides an evidence-based programme that has been demonstrated to improve resilience and wellbeing. The Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training is being rolled out to many schools across the UK, in order to train teachers to teach their students resilience skills.

Research shows that when students are less anxious and have coping strategies for times of adversity, then they are better equipped to succeed at school and to flourish.

What is the Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training?

The Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training is an exciting and intensive 5 day training course. It consists of 18 lessons with each containing evidence-based interventions from the research into resilience. The lessons are aimed at 11-13 year olds to give them resilience skills to foster perseverance, bounce back from setbacks and to give coping strategies for stressful and challenging times.

The lessons are designed to give students practical tools that will help them to deal with challenges both in and outside their education. In the lessons, you will learn how to teach students about how the way they think and behave, as well as their feelings, impact on their wellbeing. The lessons cover topics such as emotional intelligence, flexible and accurate thinking, behavioural control, building self-confidence, optimistic thinking and connecting with others.

The lessons take a fun and interactive approach to learning, which gives students the opportunity to practice evidence-based tools and feel confident about using them, to give the students lifelong resilience skills.

Who should attend the Training?

The Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training is for teachers who are looking to understand the latest and leading evidence-based tools from the field of resilience, in order to be able to teach them to students.

Throughout the training, you will gain experience in confidently applying the resilience skills yourself, before understanding how to teach each of the 18 Penn Resilience Programme lessons to students.

Upon completion of the Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training, you will receive a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania, where the Penn Resilience Programme was developed and researched. You will also be a certified Penn Resilience Programme teacher and will be qualified to teach the Penn Resilience Programme to students.

Commonly, the Programme is delivered as part of a school’s Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum, however, it can be delivered in a way that best suits your school.

What next?

To register your interest in the Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training and to find out more information about the course, including dates and venues, please contact us.