Positive Psychology Learning - Coaching


Positive psychology and coaching complement each other well, with positive psychology’s focus on peer-reviewed research.  This research provides validated interventions that can be applied in coaching sessions, which can be tracked over time to measure their success and effectiveness.

Fulfilling your potential

At Positive Psychology Learning, we appreciate that most people may be able to name their weaknesses more easily than their strengths and that trying to overcome weaknesses may only result in competency instead of excellent performance. In our coaching sessions, we focus more on what is right, via appreciative inquiry and strengths development, in order to fulfil your potential. We also incorporate broaden and build theory to increase creativity and give you more choices, help you set and work towards your goals and also to boost resilience in challenging times. We work with you to facilitate the changes that you want to make and cultivate a growth mindset. All of this using positive psychology interventions, which have been scientifically peer-reviewed.

What we offer

We offer group and 1-to-1 coaching sessions, which can be provided in face-to-face meetings or via conference call facilities, with the latter option being useful if we’re not able to have a meeting in person.

Here at Positive Psychology Learning, we realise that each person and group is different and so our tailored approach will be personalised to you, in order to best meet your needs.

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