Positive Education

A new way of learning

  • Do you want happier and more engaged learners?
  • Would you like to improve the wellbeing of your teachers?
  • Do you want more resilient learners?
  • Do you want a positive education environment for optimal learning?

If your response to any of these questions is yes, then Positive Psychology Learning can help you to implement simple and effective evidence-based ways to achieve your goals and to enable you, your learners and your colleagues to flourish. We are experienced in running tailored positive education programmes for staff and learners in schools, colleges and universities, by taking a positive psychology approach.

Why take a positive psychology approach to education?

Whilst the attainment of good grades is a key objective for schools, colleges and universities, ensuring the wellbeing and happiness of learners is also a high priority. The field of positive psychology continues to research how to increase people’s happiness and wellbeing, play to their strengths, be more resilient and to cultivate a growth mindset, all of which are beneficial in creating a positive environment to learn in. Schools, colleges and universities who have implemented and Positive Education approach have seen the following positive impact, where learners:

  • Score higher in exams
  • Enjoy greater wellbeing and happiness
  • Forge stronger relationships with their peers and teachers

Flourishing learners

The saying goes that your school days are the best days of your life and they can be ones full of friendships, success, challenges, hard work, setbacks and achievement. Having evidence-based tools from the field of positive psychology can aid learners to understand their strengths and use them effectively, increase their happiness, be able to bounce back from setbacks more quickly and set goals, so that they can fulfill their potential.

Flourishing staff

Teaching can be an extremely rewarding profession, seeing learners develop and achieve so many proud achievements. It can also be quite a stressful and demanding role. A Positive Education approach will help teachers to improve the engagement and enjoyment of learners, as well as building resilience for teachers and to play to their strengths, so that they themselves are able to flourish.

At Positive Psychology Learning, we work with staff in schools, colleges and universities so that they are able to best serve their learners and to also perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

How Positive Education can benefit you

Our approach is to tailor the work we do with you, so that it best suits your needs and goals. Some of the outcomes of our Positive Education approach for your learners and staff are to:

  • Cultivate a growth mindset
  • Discover and play to your strengths
  • Build resilience to persist in times of adversity
  • Create a happy, supportive and positive place of learning

You can learn more about positive psychology and the evidence-based tools from research that you will be able to incorporate into education on our university accredited Introduction to Positive Psychology online course on 10-11th November in Brockenhurst, The New Forest, plus it will count towards your CPD hours.

Resilience in education

Positive Psychology Learning are proud associates of the charity How To Thrive , who focus on increasing resilience in education for students, teaching staff and parents and carers. We deliver a number of courses which are helping to give evidence-based coping strategies to overcome setbacks, foster perseverance and buffer against stress, such as Mental Illness Investigated, the Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training and Raising A Resilient Child.

‘Positive Psychology Learning – Maximising Potential’