Positive Psychology Courses


Please find below a list of our upcoming courses. Clicking on a course title will give you more details about it.

Introduction to Positive Psychology (21st/22nd Jun 2019, Missenden)
Our exciting 2 day course will give you an insight into the ever developing science of positive psychology. The course is run by 2 Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) alumni, that are Associate Lecturers of Buckinghamshire New University, who endorse this course. Buckinghamshire New University is one of only a handful of universities in the world that run a full MAPP course. Find out more.
Applying the Science of Resilience

Having coping strategies for challenging times is a growing need. This one-day course accredited by Bucks New University, explores the research into resilience and why it is important in maintaining mental health. You will gain practical skills from the research, so that you can boost resilience, as well as helping others to bounce back from setbacks. Find out more.

Applying the Science of Happiness

Who wouldn’t want to be happy? Our one-day course Applying the Science of Happiness accredited by Bucks New University, introduces the leading research into what makes people happy and how you can increase your happiness. If you would like to learn evidence-based ways to be happier and why happiness can lead to success, then find out more about this course.

Applying the Science of Strengths

Using your strengths is said to be the greatest opportunity for personal growth. This one-day course accredited by Bucks New University, will familiarise you with a language for strengths and how to spot them. The course will allow you to discover what your own strengths are, so that you can confidently apply your strengths to successfully achieve your goals. Find out more.

An On-line Course | Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training
An associate course which will enable you to become a Certified Meditation Teacher: A Scientific-Based Course | taught by Dr Itai Ivtzan. Find out more
Taster Sessions and Bespoke Courses
In our 2 hour positive psychology taster sessions we take an aspect of positive psychology, share an overview of its theory and latest research before providing practical exercises that facilitate a basic learning of the subject. Find out more.