Positive Psychology Learning Resilience


In an era when people are experiencing greater demands and pressure at work and at home, it has become increasingly important to possess strategies to help cope with the associated stress and anxiety it creates. To successfully navigate through challenges and adversity, we need to be resilient.

Our exciting and interactive, one-day Positive Psychology Learning Resilience course,  accredited by Bucks New University,  focuses on the scientific research of  resilience from the field of positive psychology. The course provides an in-depth description and explanation of simple and effective evidence-based tools that have been developed from the research findings.

The brilliance of resilience

People often mistakenly think that resilience s something that we’re born with or something that requires a lot of effort and courage to attain. However, research into resilience has shown that it is a learned behaviour that can be developed by anyone.  Dr Ann Masten describes resilience as being  ‘Ordinary Magic’ rather than something special and exceptional. We can all  learn  ways to cope with or overcome the challenges we encounter.

Resilience is a core concept in the field of positive psychology and psychology more widely, defined as positive adaptation in the face of significant adversity.  With increasing numbers of cases of mental illness (stress, burnout, anxiety and depression), there is a growing interest in understanding and learning how to develop increased resilience for individuals, and those working in organisations, in education. Resilience training provides individuals with skills and resources to cope better from day to day.

What you will learn

On our  one-day Positive Psychology Learning Resilience course you will be introduced to research and evidence-based interventions from resilience studies, to give you  a greater understanding about the subject  and enable you to confidently apply some of the powerful evidence-based resilience interventions.

Course outcomes and objectives:

·    Ways for bouncing back from setbacks

·    Coping strategies in times of adversity

·    Finding resilience to overcome stress and burnout

·    Fostering perseverance in the face of difficulty

·    How willpower and the growth mindset can contribute to goal success

Co-Directors of Positive Psychology Learning

This course is run by Dan Collinson and Lesley Lyle, two alumni Associate Lecturers on the MSC in Applied Positive Psychology course at Buckinghamshire New University. They are both qualified trainers of the world-renowned Penn Resilience Program, designed by some of the leading researchers in the field of positive psychology, including Dr Martin Seligman, the pioneer of positive psychology.

Lesley and Dan run Positive Psychology courses, consultancy and coaching within the UK and Internationally. Working with large organisations and for Government departments, they are highly regarded in both the academic and professional world of Positive Psychology. They are co-founders of The Positive Psychology People website, a non-profit organisation set up to help people around the world access free information about wellbeing that currently has an audience of over 30,000 people.

On completion of this Resilience course you will receive a Certificate from Positive Psychology Learning and Bucks New University and be eligible for a CPD certificate of attendance.

In-House Courses

We are currently running this as an in-house course only. If  you would like details of this course for your organisation or group please  contact us for more information. Open courses may become available later in 2018.

Missenden Abbey

Historic Missenden Abbey is owned by Buckinghamshire (Bucks) New University and is home to our MSc Applied Positive Psychology Course (MAPP).  This beautiful building has a history of more than 800 years, founded in 1133 the former monastery is now a conference centre and hotel.

More information about travel, accommodation, parking and facilities here

Whilst on your course you will be treated to sumptuous food and refreshments including their award winning homemade chocolate brownies and a 3-course hot or cold lunch in the restaurant. Overnight accommodation can be arranged with a discount subject to availability (please contact us for further information).  We recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Careys Manor

Careys Manor, Brockenhurst is a magnificent Manor House situated in the New Forest National Park. This 4 star hotel and award winning spa, featured in The Telegraph’s best hotels in Hampshire. Our delegates love this location and frequently arrange to extend their stay a few days longer to enjoy this popular tourist location that is close to forest, coast and parkland. More information about travel, accommodation, parking and facilities here

We are currently running this course in-house with several organisations. Open course dates will be announced soon.