Taster Sessions and Bespoke Courses


In our 2 hour positive psychology taster sessions we take an aspect of positive psychology, share an overview of its theory and latest research before providing practical exercises that facilitate a basic learning of the subject.

It’s one thing to cognitively understand something and quite another to intuitively feel when something is true. We want you to experience both and come to know things from the ‘inside out’ and then discover ways to utilise this knowledge. It could be a change of attitude, a new belief, discarding an old habit or creating a new one.

We recognise that you are as unique as your own fingerprint and so too will be your way of applying positive psychology principles. We emphasise the importance of discovering your ‘own fit’ and finding what works best for you.

We are happy to create specialised bespoke workshops based on a pick-and-mix selection from this list. We can faciltate programmes of 2 hour, half day, 1 day, 2 day and 5+ day duration. Please contact us for further information.



An Overview of Positive Psychology
  • Have you heard about positive psychology and want to hear more about this emerging field?
  • Do you want to learn about being happier
  • Are you interested in the science behind what makes a life worth living?

Positive psychology is a science-based branch of traditional psychology. Positive psychology is not just about illness and health, but uses research to discover ways to help people lead fulfilling lives in all aspects of life such as work, education, personal development, relationships and the community. In the past psychology has tended to focus on psychological problems such as disease and dysfunction and failed to look at what makes people thrive and enjoy optimum health.

This is a taster session to give you an overview of positive psychology, including topics such as happiness and positive emotions. Positive emotions don’t just make us feel happy, they are essential for our physical and mental health. They help us to connect and make social connections with others. We place great emphasis on experiential learning and in this taster session you will get the opportunity to learn about and apply increasing your positive emotions.

Applying Positive Psychology at Work

With higher levels of stress and sickness in the workplace, people having to work longer hours and job satisfaction falling, positive psychology interventions are being introduced more and more at work to boost resilience and wellbeing.

 Additionally, companies may be doing well, but want to go to the next level and positive psychology interventions are helping to increase productivity, improve employee engagement and to reduce turnover, as well as being introduced to more effective ways of implementing change management.

 This taster session will introduce you to why and how positive psychology can be integrated into the workplace.

The Brilliance of Resilience

We are living in ever challenging times, where there are increasing demands and pressures. This can lead to anxiety, depression and illness, which is why there are record numbers of reported mental illness cases in both young people and adults.

Fortunately, the field of positive psychology is carrying out research into how we can increase resilience and find ways to overcome obstacles in our way. This is enabling people to navigate their way through problems, in order to be more successful and flourish.

This taster session will introduce you to some of the key research into resilience and the evidence-based tools from the studies, which you can apply in your day-to-day life to bounce back from setbacks and persevere when faced with demanding situations.

The Habits of Happiness

While we may have many different individual goals to aim for, most of us will have happiness as one of our main priorities. Happiness has been shown to have such a positive impact on our wellbeing, our relationships, our productivity and our ability to succeed.

Positive psychology has sometimes been called the science of happiness because of the research carried out in the field of being happier. The body of research is bringing a number of evidence-based ways for people to increase their own happiness and the resulting benefits that it brings.

Our Happiness Habits taster session will give you the background of some of the most fascinating happiness research and give you the opportunity to explore habits that will enable you to be happier in all different aspects of your life.

Play to Your Strengths

You may be familiar with the phrase, “play to your strengths”, but there are a couple of things that may prevent you from being able to do so. First of all, you may not have a language of strengths and definitions for these strengths. In this taster session, we will introduce you to the language of strengths and get you thinking about what your own strengths may be.

Secondly, while playing to your strengths may seem logical, how often have you heard of students having to focus their time on the subjects that they are struggling with or employees having to spend time fixing their weaknesses? This isn’t to say we can forget our weaknesses, but by understanding your strengths and finding ways to apply them (in the appropriate context and measure), it can help you to have increased life satisfaction, greater well-being and more engagement and productivity in tasks.

Positive Emotions and Wellbeing

Depression, low levels of wellbeing and unhappiness appear to be on the rise, which is having a negative impact on people’s mental and physical health. Positive emotions can improve your wellbeing and provide a buffer to unhappiness.

 In this taster session, we will introduce the important purpose of positive emotions and the Broaden and Build Theory of positive emotions, which talks about how there can be an upward spiral. The explanation behind this is that when you experience positive emotions, you become aware of more positive emotions and explore and try other thoughts and activities. Thus, you expand your positive emotions as you begin to experience them. We’ll get you working on increasing your own positive emotions and wellbeing.