3 ways in which positive psychology can get and keep you motivated at work

Do you find yourself struggling to keep motivated at work?

Have you ever found yourself starting projects and then not seeing them through?

Are you lacking aims or objectives at work, which are getting you excited to go to work?

It was when I read the fabulous research article, “Jobs, Careers and Callings: People’s Relations to Their Work” by Amy Wrzesniewski, Paul Rozin, Barry Schwarz and Clark McAuley that I realised that my occupation wasn’t a career and certainly wasn’t a calling! Even worse, I hardly had any motivation at work. It was at this point that I decided to pursue my studies and research in positive psychology, where I learned about the area of Hope theory and how to set goals and stay motivated. Taking this path culminated in me following my calling of co-founding and working for Positive Psychology Learning. Now, I have a myriad of objectives and my motivation is sky high!

It may be that you feel you’re not motivated at work or that you’re looking for your next challenge to help you to take you to the next level in your career. It could be, like me, that you’re looking for what your true calling at work could be. Here we discuss 3 ways from Hope theory about how you can get motivated and stay motivated at work.

3 ways to get yourself motivated at work from Hope theory

  1.     Set compelling goals
  2.     Willpower. If the goal has a large proportion of intrinsic meaning, then this is likely to motivate you more
  3.     Way-power. Finding pathways to circumnavigate obstacles that arise

Set compelling goals

Make sure that you pick a goal that really captivates you and fills you with excitement when you think about it. By having compelling goals that are larger intrinsically motivated, you will find that you are likely to have greater willpower to succeed, as there is a larger element of purpose for achieving the goal than if it feels like a chore or something that you doesn’t give you much meaning.


This is related to keeping your focus on your goal and having the persistence and resilience to keep on working towards it. Having high levels of persistence and resilience can be a major factor in helping you to maintain your motivation on the way to your goals at work.


Additionally, before starting on your work goal, look to think of the potential obstacles that may arise on the way and how you may overcome them. If a previously unthought-of problem does arise, take time to come up with ways that you can work round them, in order to carry on to achieve your goal.

At Positive Psychology Learning, we can are passionate about helping people like you to learn and apply ways to stay motivated on the path to your goals at work.

To find out more about being more motivated at work, strengths, resilience and positive psychology, please join us on our UK university accredited Introduction to Positive Psychology course. Alternatively, if you would like us to come and run a course for your organisation, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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