What a wonderful experience it was to attend the World Happiness Summit (WOHASU) 2019, again this year. I am most fortunate that I have attended each of the three WOHASU events since the inaugural one in 2017 and in addition to the honour of being UKs WOHASU Ambassador, this year I also presented an 50 minute session on ‘Positive Aging’, a subject very close to my heart.

You need to be there!

It may seem a cliche but to get the full experience of WOHASU, you really do need to be there. There is something so powerful about being in the presence of more than 1000 attendees each of whom hold the positive intention of spreading happiness in different ways. Whether you attend because you are interested in the science, the politics, the technology or health practices that promotes happiness you will not be disappointed. It’s also the opportunity to listen to and be inspired by some of the leading experts on the subject.

So many experts in one place

The list of expert speakers is always staggering and here is a link to those who were here this year. Probably the award (if there was one) for most entertaining, creative and innovative speaker should go to Sir Anthony Seldon, who ended his talk with his version of ‘Happy’ which he explains was stolen from him by Will Pharrell! Take a look at this YouTube video for an idea of what occurred!


I can think of no more perfect a place for WOHASU than the sunny and positive vibe of Miami, particularly for those of us who travelled from countries who were still experiencing the chill of Winter. Miami has wonderful beaches, stunning Art Deco architecture, and delicious food and eateries. WOHASU has been awarded with the ‘Key of the City of Miami’ by the Mayor since 2017. Many (myself included) chose to combine attending the event with taking a vacation – perfect!

Next year 2020

We are already planning next year’s event on 20th-22nd March, 2020 so put it in your calendar now and don’t miss out on the happiness experience of a lifetime!