A kind offer

At Positive Psychology Learning we believe in practicing what we teach, (we never preach!) and in celebration of World Kindness Day, 13th November, 2016, we are inviting companies to take advantage of our kind offer. We are offering to deliver a ‘Kindness Workshop’ to 3 companies who, in our opinion, offer the most compelling answer to this question – “Why we care about our employees’ happiness“. This workshop will be delivered at a mutually convenient time as arranged and we will do our best to deliver this in whichever way you prefer – eg. 2 hours to a half-day workshop to a small or large group. Furthermore, the offer is open for a full year*.

Understanding Kindness

During our workshop we will explain the benefits of kindness and why ….

  • Kindness makes us feel happy
  • Kindness is good for our health
  • Kindness helps us create positive relationships
  • Kindness increases feeling of gratitude
  • Kindness is infectious and leads to more acts of kindness
  • Kindness in the workplace leads to benefits for employer and employee

Are you a kind employer?

So, if you are a kind employer and believe that your employees deserve to benefit from our act of kindness please contact us at Admin@positivepsychologylearning.com and tell us why you care about your employees’ happiness.

Kindness is ever the begetter of kindness. Sophocles


*Although we will not charge for our time, arrangements including venue and refreshments will be the responsibility of the employer. In some circumstances we will also require travelling costs to be met, particularly if we agree to work outside of the UK.Applications for ‘Kindness offer’ closes on December 1st, 2016, offer is valid until 12th November 2017.